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Best In Dorset Farmers Markets exists for just one reason; to bring the finest freshest foods to the public of Dorset.

By working with and promoting Dorset producers we ensure that the public receives these products in the freshest and best condition.

But don’t be confused that we are just talking about carefully reared meat and tasty eggs here! We also encompass drinks, beers, ciders, wines, cakes, seafood and crafts. In fact the list is almost endless! On any of our markets you will find a wealth of local producers who are not only passionate about, but live and breathe their products.

Buying from a Best In Dorset Farmers Market means you know you are getting authentic fresh produce of the very highest quality. You can also have the comfort that you are helping to support the local producers to you and not funding a faceless supermarket that has little if no regard for where and how they get their produce.

Buy buying your produce from a Best In Dorset Farmers Market, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact of transporting food long distances which is good for all of us. You are also sustaining your local economy by supporting your local producers who employ local people and spend their money in your local community.

All our producers are checked to ensure they are bonafide and that they have all the correct certifications and approvals.

If you would like to hold a Farmers Market you need look no further. We are experts are providing Farmers Markets from small 8 stalls to large 30 stalls. Just contact us and we will be only too pleased to talk to you and assist you.

If you are looking to arrange a bigger event, then please contact our sister company Best In Dorset Special Events who cater for anything up to festival size events.




Some of the finest food in the country is produced in Dorset and on these pages you will find many of the best producers.

From the farmers producing meat and vegetables to the baker, the cheese maker and the preserve maker and manufacturers of ready meals, many organic, they are all here.

We aim to bring the best food in Dorset to you, mainly through our farmers’ markets, but also through special events and by promoting farm shops and supplies to hotels and restaurants.

Markets are also at: New Milton, Redhill, Verwood, Weymouth and Winton


In between markets it is handy to know where you can go to get the very Best in Dorset.

We have visited a lot of farm shops but we think these are the best.

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