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How To Host A Farmers Market

Many people think “it would be a great idea if we could host a farmers market, now how do we go about it?”

There are two routes that can be taken.

1. You can talk to Best In Dorset Farmers Markets who will advise you what is and is not viable and when you have come to an agreement relax knowing that Best In Dorset Farmers Markets will handle everything required to deliver you an event.

Assuming that you would like us to arrange your Farmers Market we have some simple guidelines that should help you to decide if and what you can do with a Farmers Market.


2. You can take a gamble that your event is viable, find the venue, book the marquee/s or parasols, apply for the licences and notices*, advertise for producers, vet the producers to ensure they comply with all current regulations and standards, hire the stalls, hire the generator/s, advertise the event, manage the bookings and collect the fees then finally on the day run the event and ensure the producers are complying with what has been booked and clear the site etc.

The Vision

First think what it is you really want? Do you want a General Market, a Flea Market, a Craft Fair or a Farmers Market. Many people confuse these different types of markets and are disappointed when they do not get the event they set out for.

So let’s be clear we are talking here of a Farmers Market. This means that you are in effect bringing several producers to an event to sell foods, drinks & what may be considered as craft items.

All the producers either grow, catch or substantially modify these products in Dorset**. They are never second-hand goods and are always of the finest quality. Best In Dorset Farmers Markets exists for just one reason; to bring the finest freshest foods to the public of Dorset. If this is what you are looking for then read on!

The Reality

You and we want your event to be a great success. Therefore rely on our many years of knowledge to advise and guide you.

We will be totally honest and realistic with you. If for example you will only have a footfall (number of visitors in total to your event) of 500 then that is not feasible for a Farmers Market. The producers, just like any other business people, need to make money to cover their costs and make a profit. If there are physically not going to be enough people then the producers will be very disappointed as will your visitors.

There is no real magic number to footfall, it is a matter of discussing with us what you would like your event to be, where it is, what it is linked to etc, etc. the sum of all this added to our experience we will then advise you of the viability of your event.

What Can You Expect From Us

We will at all times be honest and frank with you.

Not all of our clients by far do we say yes that will be a great event! Around 6 out of 10 enquires result in us advising to either not pursue an event or advising to look at alternatives for their event that are not Farmers Markets.

We will listen to your vision, ask questions of fact and if on the face of it there is a viable event, then most likely we will arrange to come and see you at the planned venue. We can then properly see your vision and begin the planning process that will see your event delivered and you happy.

You can be assured that the event will be orderly, safe deliver fantastic produce and most of all be a credit to your organisation or charity.
We will consult with you all the way through the planning stage if you require so or not that is entirely your choice.

Best In Dorset Farmers Markets are fully self-sufficient in that we own our own marquees, parasols, generators, road signage, event management staff, tannoy system, catering staff and equipment, lighting and much, much more.

What Your Event Will Offer

Buying from a Best In Dorset Farmers Market means you know you are getting authentic fresh produce of the very highest quality. You can also have the comfort that you are helping to support the local producers to you and not funding a faceless supermarket that has little if no regard for where and how they get their produce.

By buying your produce from a Best In Dorset Farmers Market, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact of transporting food long distances which is good for all of us. You are also sustaining your local economy by supporting your local producers who employ local people and spend their money in your local community.

You can rest assured that each and every visitor to your event will have access to the very best produce available in Dorset, the county where some of the very best food in the UK comes from.

So ready to take the next step?

Simple: Just call 01202 237989 or Email:


Best in Dorset Farmers Markets - best quality fresh food from around DorsetSome of the finest food in the country is produced in Dorset and on these pages you will find many of the best producers.

From the farmers producing meat and vegetables to the baker, the cheese maker and the preserve maker and manufacturers of ready meals, many organic, they are all here.

We aim to bring the best food in Dorset to you, mainly through our farmers’ markets, but also through special events and by promoting farm shops and supplies to hotels and restaurants.

Markets are also at: New Milton, Redhill, Verwood, Weymouth and Winton


In between markets it is handy to know where you can go to get the very Best in Dorset.

We have visited a lot of farm shops but we think these are the best.

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