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Food... Where It Comes From, How It Is Handled & Best Practice

Best In Dorset Farmers Markets fully support local producers, be they commercial farmers or small scale private individuals.

To us it’s all about the quality, taste, uniqueness, freshness and value.

It makes sense that the quicker a product gets from the producer to the buyer the fresher the product is. One example here would be eggs. By buying direct from the producer you get a full 28 days shelf life. Many people wonder why when bought from supermarkets this is reduced to 14 days. The answer is quite simple, when buying direct from the producer there is no warehousing & distribution system to consume time. Result: you get your eggs quicker & fresher with the added bonus that you have an additional 14 days of shelf life if you wish.

It’s about ensuring that the fruit and veg remains artificial pesticide free. We say artificial pesticide free as many farmers have developed natural pest control using novel methods including complementary plants.

Handling the product has a great effect on the quality also. Care taken in harvesting and storing the foods pays great dividends in the flavour and taste you get.

Time is critical. We aim to work with our producers to ensure that from field to market takes less than 48 hours. Ensuring that the time between field and plate is minimal means the flavours and aromas are captured and ready for you to experience when you eat your food.





Best in Dorset Farmers Markets - meats, cheeses, dairy, pies, cakes, drinks and much moreSome of the finest food in the country is produced in Dorset and on these pages you will find many of the best producers.

From the farmers producing meat and vegetables to the baker, the cheese maker and the preserve maker and manufacturers of ready meals, many organic, they are all here.

We aim to bring the best food in Dorset to you, mainly through our farmers’ markets, but also through special events and by promoting farm shops and supplies to hotels and restaurants.

Markets are also at: Redhill, Verwood, Weymouth and Winton


In between markets it is handy to know where you can go to get the very Best in Dorset.

We have visited a lot of farm shops but we think these are the best.

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